highlighted sites about flying, history and writing:

the WWII Aviation Booklist
A set of lists of second WW non-fiction; large amount of biography titles, all graded on a one-to-five scale by the webmaster. Links to stores & publishers.

Wonder Book
Site of the wonderful Amsterdam bookstore WonderBook, which has a wondrous collection of second hand books on old technology: from transport, engineering, electricity and inventions, to cooking and gardening too.

Classic aviation literature (part of larger site)
Extracts from six classic pieces of aviation writing from the nineteen-thirties and forties: Wiley Post, Anne Morrow and Charles Lindbergh, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Robert Scott and Ernest Gann

aviation e-zine with lots of info and a good links selection

the History Net's aviation department
index of articles published on the History Net, from Aviation History magazine

Dutch Aviation history
plenty of info and images of Dutch aviation pioneers/writers like Viruly, van Veenendaal and Ivan Smirnov

The red fighter pilot (both part of larger site)
online English version of Manfred von Richthofen's 1917 book Der Rote Kampfflieger.
Fighting the Flying Circus
Eddie Rickenbacker's account of his experiences during World War One.

Flying Pioneers
copies of late 20's - early 30's aviation photographs for sale; a special category for Lindbergh pictures.

the Ninety-Nines: women in aviation history (part of larger site)
Some very nice excerpts and bios of women in aviation history, well worth a read.

'Dad' Rarey's Sketchbook: Journals of the 379th Fighter Squadron
Great find. George Rarey, a young cartoonist and commercial artist, kept a cartoon journal of his daily life as a fighter pilot from the moment he was drafted into the Army Air Corps in 1942 up to a few weeks after D-Day when he was killed in combat over France.

WWII ace stories
aviation history site with nice, detailed articles and stories about pilots of all nations; European emphasis.

Planes and Pilots of WWII
American aviation history magazine with a lot of (very good) personal stories of pilots, with nice historical pictures.

Wings of the Sun (part of larger site)
Here you'll find the Japanese side of the story: exerpts from some rarely published Japanese bios.

the Writing 69th: flying reporters in WW II
among others Walter Cronkite 'scared to death' in a Flying Fortress; not much information though.

Flying Circle Graphics
Personal notes about the amazing sides of flying in World War I: "there's a Rube Goldberg zaniness about those borderline airplanes that intrigues me".

Randy Wilson's Aviation History
On the page 'Stories and Humor' you'll find the original Dilbert amongst others.

Biggles flies the Web
All about Captain W.E. Johns' yarns.

Great Aviation Quotes
A well known favorite; a great many short quotes on aviation in categories.



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